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Dear friends,

We hope everyone is secure and healthy in these difficult times. You know we have always maintained the highest degree of safety in regard to sterility and adherence to the chain of asepsis here at Hampton Smile Dental. We have now raised the bar even higher. Due to the Covid19 virus the following extra protocols are now in effect:

  • Locked security gates to regulate patient and delivery entry to the property
  • Additional time between patients to reduce the number of people in the waiting room
  • Dr. Sicurelli and Dawn Marie (Hygienist) are the only practitioners on site, reducing exposure with minimal office personnel.
  • Implementation a Johns Hopkins #1 rated multi-microbe HEPAair filter and purifier to eliminate viruses, bacteria, chemical and other contaminants
  • Implementation of 8 multi-microbe air filters and purifiers to eliminate viruses, bacteria, chemical and other contaminants
  • The use of the Clorox Total 360 Pro Electrostatic Sprayer for comprehensive 3D space and surface disinfection shown in the video (bottom left)


Best regards,
Dr. Sicurelli and Dawn Marie

Micro-Botox non surgical correction
of gummy smile without crowns or veneers

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Dr. Robert J. Sicurelli Jr. is a prosthodontist. Only prosthodontists are recognized as specialists in cosmetic dentistry, implants, occlusion and restorative procedures by the American Dental Association.


Dawn Marie Sicurelli is a registered dental hygienist with a Master's Degree, who is trained in all periodontal maintenance protocols. She is also certified in local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation.  

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